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art aqua GmbH & Co, the balance company, is an innovative, forward-looking company from Bietigheim-Bissingen in Baden Württemberg. Established by Gerhard Braun (45) in 1992, the company looks back on many years of experience in its line of business.

art aqua comprises the following fields:

  • aqua edition (mobile objects)
  • aqua unique
  • aqua projects
  • balance art
  • plant art
  • balance consulting

The company has around 50 staff. It is based in Bietigheim-Bissingen. There are branch offices and showrooms in Cologne, Vienna, Berlin and Bietigheim-Bissingen.

Company description

art aqua has been harmonizing interiors for 15 years. We balance interiors using the elements, i.e. water objects, aesthetically pleasing plants, pictures and picture screens, colours, furniture and special lighting. We include these elements under holistic aspects and offer everything from one source.

art aqua manufactures individual (large-scale objects/complexes) and mobile water objects. We are the absolute market leader in this field – especially with regard to interiors where the benefit is greatest (natural air humidification based on the principle of cold evaporation and purifying the air of dust and odours). As a full-range supplier with our own service crew, we also clean and maintain all of our objects. A number of patents concerning the water swirling chambers (technology) help us minimize energy consumption and follow-up costs.

art aqua has its own nurseries and manufactures amphoras in matching colours in order to create CI plantings for companies and plant designs for private use. We attach great importance to slow plant cultivation in German specialist nurseries. In this our speciality is to use plants that generate a lot of oxygen in rooms. Special cultivations are used for darker areas. A special soil substrate as well as inserts and a special drainage system make our plants extremely healthy and robust - which reflects in their longevity. Our plants do not wilt due to custom-developed concepts concerning the correct positioning and suitability of plants for the respective room situation.

Our speciality is to use plants that generate a lot of oxygen in rooms. A good example is the patented Green Wall and our partition hedges. Our combination of gardeners and florists provides for both functional and aesthetically pleasing plantings.

The use of these top-quality and energetically valuable elements generates a balanced interior harmony and enhances the room air, which benefits staff and clients alike. It raises the motivation of both staff and visitors.

art aqua also works out colour concepts designed to activate or calm rooms. These include colour, pictures and picture screens.