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The Erik Jørgensen story begins in the town of Svendborg on the southern coast of the Danish island of Funen. Erik Jørgensen, who originally trained as a saddler and upholsterer, begins to pursue his passion for furniture professionally, and in 1954 he founds a workshop in town. Erik Jørgensen’s in-depth knowledge of materials and sense of form drive his professional development along with his curiosity and his flair for spotting new market trends. To this day, this understanding of customer demands and needs forms the foundation of Erik Jørgensen.

Erik Jørgensen delivers furniture to countries all over the world, and the brand is associated with a sound aesthetic that is more than a passing fad. An aesthetic that rests on tradition and craftsmanship, but which is also nurtured by innovative furniture designs by both young and more established designers.