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This family company, founded as a forge in 1863 by Julius vom Hofe, is rich in tradition. The company management is now in the hands of the family‘s 5th generation. We was specialised to produce shelving racks for offices, workshops, warehouses and archives. We offer any kind of special solutions for your individual works requirements. By steady innovations and the most modern machines and a continuous optimisation of the quality it is possible for us to offer you shelving systems in a big variety which are suitable virtually for every purpose.

Our products correspond in quality and execution to the requirements of the professional associations in accordance with ZH 1/428 and the valid accident prevention regulations UVV. Besides, our shelving systems are distinguished by the RAL-RG 614 quality mark and the GS mark to assure quality and security for your company operations.

We believe in Germany as a manufacturing site. Our racks and shelves are manufactured exclusively in Germany.