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Quadrifoglio Sistemi d'Arredo S.p.A. is located in the north east of Italy (near Venice), in one of the most industrialized italian areas: the gross domestic product (GDP) of its region (Veneto) is of about 144 billion s euros.

The Economy of Veneto is based on two main aspects:

1. Thousands of small and medium size companies, highly specialized, very active with the owner working inside their companies

2. Several industrial districts which are in the lead and are highly advanced under the technical point of view: they are open both to the local and worldwide markets, without exclusions of any area.

Quadrifoglio Sistemi d'Arredo S.p.A. is located in the furniture industrial district, which gathers, in a few square kilometers, a lot of manufacturers of furnishing and its components along with outside contractors specialised in manufacturing both the wood andthe metal components.

For this reason too, Quadrifoglio can produce in a higher quality way thanks to all the synergies coming from the satellite factories.

Great care in the productive process and its continous improvement are also due to the constant presence and hard work of owners working inside their factories.

Quadrifoglio Sistemi d’Arredo S.p.A. begun its activity in 1991, producing economic office furniture, getting immediately a good success in the international markets. Good results allowed, to a young and dynamic reality, to realize conspicuous and continuous investments in new productive and commercial techniques. The introduction of new directional products laminate and wood veneers, allowed to join another ring and to complete the chain of product. Now our catalogue can be considered completed, offering the largest possible products choice. Quadrifoglio sells its products all over ECC, Mediterranean Area, and Middle Africa and now it is developing the South American market. The continuous presence as exhibitors at the main fairs has allowed us to compare with other productive realities and to develop Quadrifoglio Sistemi d’Arredo name in an international status. Quadrifoglio pays particular attention to the products quality and the correspondence to the Europeans normative (Uni EN), it is certified Uni EN ISO 9001/2000 and is working in view to obtain certification ISO 14001 (management in the environment respect) to continue a philosophy of customer care and of the territory safeguard.