Informations sur le catalogue


Our Philosophy: Furniture for people.

Our motto “Furniture for people” stands for the principal approach to our business, our products and our service. Two basic statements make that point most clearly:

1. We believe it is our task to make people’s work easier.

For us, “people” means anyone who has anything to do with C+P:

  • End users and specialist dealers
  • Architects and designers
  • Investors and users
  • Employees and business partners
  • ...and many more!

 For us, making work easier involves all the conceivable different aspects:  

  • Ergonomic furniture that encourages well-being and avoids health risks
  • Intelligent applications that promote a logical work flow.
  • Furniture with an excellent design that creates a pleasant atmosphere
  • Streamlined service that guarantees straightforward procedures
  • Cooperative partnerships that are simply fun
  • ...and many more!

2. Because we build “Furniture for people”, we are passionate about steel.

For us, “Furniture for people” and “Furniture made of steel” are synonymous.  

The versatility of this material allows us to best achieve our goal of making people’s work easier:  

  • We create furniture that stands out pleasantly from the drab monotony of the market
  • We produce design solutions that are only possible with steel
  • We have laid down a basis that’s as “strong as steel” for the combination with other materials
  • Our solutions in terms of "colour and space" are virtually unrivalled

That’s what we mean by “Furniture for people” – and that is the basis for everything you will find in our catalogue.