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Zen mat system is particularly suitable for hallways and corridors and consists of three tiles that you can easily put together to your own pattern.

The 3D-pattern and design of the carpet tiles ensure a unique scraping and absorption effect. This makes Zen very effective against mud, dirt and water. The mud runs into the grooves, moisture evaporates, and dust and dirt are trapped in the pile. You will therefore experience Zen as a clean and dry surface.

The surface (pile) of Zen is PET, which is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. The rubber backing comprises 20% recycled materials. Zen’s hard-wearing quality ensures a long lifetime for both the product itself and other flooring in the building. Since the carpet tiles trap dust and dirt, they also ensure a minimum of airborne particles, thereby improving indoor air quality.

It’s easy to clean and maintain Zen. Day-to-day cleaning is done with a vacuum cleaner and periodically with a carpet cleaner. If certain patches become worn, you only need to replace those specific tiles rather than a whole carpet. This makes Zen a flexible and lucrative product.