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Quality from the past, design for the future
Once upon a time, a thousand kronor went a long way. That’s what our grandfather paid in 1936 for a plot of land, where they built a factory and made radio tables. The tables must have been very good, because orders soon began to pour in for custom-made furniture. Since then there have been many changes in styles and materials, but our basic principles have remained the same. We still make furniture that lasts and functions well trhoughout its lifetime. And our grandfathers’ concern for function and quality is still reflected today in the details which make us so different from other companies.

People often say about flavours that “they blend in your mouth”. We have the same view of our love of materials, our passion for design and our desire to give every detail the same high-quality finish. Our stylish furniture is designed to blend into its surroundings, while adding a hint of extra flavour. Regardless of whether it is set against a rough concrete background with a romantic industrial feel or used in a traditional office environment.

The expression “form follows function” was coined at the end of the 19th century by architect Louis Sullivan. The designer’s job is to find the intrinsic function of an item and allow the outer form to develop its own accord. This is just as true today as it ever has been. Every small detail of our furniture is designed to fulfill a function and to simplify your working day, with all its varied activities and tasks. In the activity-based office function acquires a new and wider-ranging meaning and our most important design principle can become a natural part of your day.