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VARIO® office equipment is one of the leading internationally-operating manufacturers of office furnishing systems. As a brand trendsetter for forward-looking furnishing solutions, we are characterised by high demands in design, quality and innovation. A clear aim at VARIO® is to provide holistic office furnishing concepts for the most important types of office spaces and communication areas. With forward-looking systems such as TECTUR, OfficeMobile, C40, our trendsetter ICON, M-Storage and NOTION introduced in 2009, VARIO® is focusing increasingly on the sector of the innovative, quality-oriented target groups in the fields of banking, insurance, telecommunications, consulting and new services, in addition to the conventional object business. The VARIO® office furniture ranges are developed in conjunction with well-known designers at home and abroad. They demonstrate independent form, sovereign functionality, and consistency down to the small details. Distribution of the product range is carried out through selected specialist dealers.