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Contacting EasternGraphics GmbH via the Internet
(Date: 19/02/2009)

EasternGraphics GmbH attaches great importance to the protection of personal data and tries hard to secure them – according to the state of the art and to the principle of commensurability – against unauthorized access. To enable you to decide whether you want to provide your data to EGR, EGR hereby informs you that your data may be stored and used for purposes of consulting, transmission of information, offer submissions, and market research. EGR may forward your data to companies associated with EGR as well as to sales partners for the purposes mentioned above. Furthermore, EGR is allowed to forward your data to third parties, if this is necessary for legal or regulatory proceedings, the prevention of criminal acts or threatening dangers or to guarantee the security of the network and the services of EGR.

EGR points out that an absolute protection of your data (e.g. against hacker attacks) cannot be guaranteed. The Internet is a worldwide open network where, despite technical safety precautions, data can get lost or be intercepted by unauthorized persons. If you transfer personal data via the Internet, you are doing this at your own risk.

Upon request, EGR will inform about your data stored by EGR. Also you can demand that EGR rectifies, deletes, or disables your data. In case you have afterwards objections to the use of your data, you can revoke your consent to EGR at any time.

EGR explicitly points out that you are not obliged to make your data available to EGR. However, contacting EGR via the contact forms provided by EGR is only possible if you provide EGR with the respective data and consent to these data protection regulations. Regardless of the above mentioned, you have the possibility to contact EGR by regular mail, phone, or fax as indicated in the Imprint.


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