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About Arco

Arco is a family business founded 118 years ago.
Since then, Arco has focused on designing, developing and manufacturing handcrafted wooden tables
by embracing both artisanal skills and modern technology. Arco’s mission is to develop traditional craftsmanship into craftsmanship for the 21st century.

All Arco’s products are manufactured in its own factory, preferably from local materials, and
always to the highest quality. Arco’s designs are contemporary, understated, and not subject to the vagaries of fashion. In other words, Arco’s tables are timeless: a table for life, less a traditional dining table, more a “living” table, the heart of a modern home. As such, Arco makes sustainable choices when it can, and strives to make more such choices every year.

We are Arco, we make tables.
For this generation, and the next. And the next.