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Koleksiyon comprises a group of companies which have over 40 years’ experience and aims to develop the highest quality ideas, standards, and design concepts towards the creation of “the architecture of furnishing”. As a brand which transforms simple lines into design pieces and which signifies quality in design, Koleksiyon has maintained a strong presence in the furniture sector since the early 70’s, continuously delivering creative designs to the industry.

The diversity of Koleksiyon’s product offering is reflected in its status as a world leader in furnishing facilities and provides a complete range of furniture solutions for all areas of the workplace.  With service levels that match the exceptional quality of its designs, Koleksiyon is able to develop enduring and mutually beneficial relationships with key clients. Koleksiyon designs, produces and delivers furniture in a way that ensures the wellness of the people who use it and empowers them to meet their potential. In this way, it also underpins the success of the organisations with which it works.