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All human beings have their own personal biorhythms. The more closely our daily routine follows this rhythm, the better we feel and the better we perform. Daylight is the signal generator which synchronises our inner rhythm with the natural course of the day. LUCTRA® by DURABLE is the first biologically effective lamp system for the workplace which makes this knowledge available for use by everyone. Ultra-modern LED technology combined with the intelligent VITACORE® electronic system not only ensures extremely even and consequently fatigue-proof illumination of the workplace. It also makes it possible to adjust the colour and intensity of light to personal well-being at any time. In this way, LUCTRA® supports concentrated, relaxed and productive work in a targeted, effective way. The intuitively operated technology remains unobtrusively in the background. LUCTRA® is pleasing to the eye thanks to its modern, minimalistic design, high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship.